THEBOLZ brings the magic of the football field back to the city. A campaign for the soccer field!

Away from boring football fields, THEBOLZ brings the real football field feeling back to the city and declares war on the current development in football. With our indoor soccer field "THEBOLZ" we want to offer a special alternative to the rigid club structures and the boring soccer parks, says THEBOLZ managing director Patrick Pietler.

“We put the fun of kicking in the foreground by giving young and old a home for football. With us, every player is a star!”

Between adventure and magic, the Bolzplatz 2.0 should bring back the passion for football to the young players and at the same time offer a meeting place. The ideal mix of the simplicity of the game, the few rules and its best friends make THEBOLZ a unique place. And just like on the soccer field, you get to know new people who love football just as much during open rounds of play.

It doesn't matter what nation a player comes from, what color their skin is or what shoes they wear. We are colorful and everyone is welcome who shares our passion for football. Violence, unsportsmanlike behavior and egoism have no place with us and are in no way tolerated or accepted. Only the skills on the ball count here.

Soccer should be fun! That is our motto and we stand by it. That's why THEBOLZ offers its fans a special experience on 1,300 square meters directly on Vahrenwalder Straße in Hanover. In eight, ten by five meter steel mesh cages, two-on-two are played in a very small space with fat beats. The game is fast, demanding and, in addition to stamina, also trains skills directly on the ball. In addition, the players must be able to blindly rely on each other in order to be able to score a goal against the opposing team as quickly as possible.

Away from the playing fields, there is the opportunity to prove yourself with a cold drink in the lounge during a round of FIFA on the Playstation. In addition to numerous events that go beyond football, such as rap battles or DJ evenings, the focus is on music and community.

We are the meeting point for football enthusiasts in Hanover and the surrounding area who want to have fun together and celebrate football!

The pitches can be booked online via website.

Address: Vahrenwalder Strasse 209a, 30165 Hanover